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"Time" Challenge for Art Dolls Only

I had the opportunity to sign up for a challenge put on by a group of doll makers that goes by the name of "Art Dolls Only". The challenge was to create a doll representing the subject of "time" and it was open to anyone interested in doll making. We were given free reign to interpret the subject in whichever we desired within the parameters of what is permissable to post on Facebook.

I chose to go with making a doll in the Italian Renaissance style. It just so happened that I had a half doll sculpted that was sitting in a cupboard waiting to be "born". It was collecting dust and I would feel a little guilty every time I opened that cupboard to see it sitting there. It occurred to me that the Renaissance theme lent itself to creating a Marotte doll - a head or upper body of a doll mounted on a spindle. Of course, that doll was exactly what I needed to bring my vision to light.

Here is a close up of "Allora e Adesso", a Marotte doll holding a Marotte doll.

Their little story along with additional pictures can be accessed through my Facebook page:

Thank you for dropping by!

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