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Taking a "Walk on the Wildside"

My walk on the wildside would probably be considered more mild than wild, but that was the title of the online workshop that I took with doll artist/instructor Susie McMahon. The past 2 years doled out a lot of issues that gobbled up large amounts of my time, the Covid pandemic being the least of them surprisingly. Last fall I was feeling the urge to get back to creating again and was looking for inspiration; hence, the reason I signed up for the workshop. It was just the boost I needed to get rolling again.

I adjusted the body pattern to create a mermaid form. Again, I am drawn to making dolls with painted cloth bodies. I also learned a technique for applying fabric over clay to create a canvas-like effect. Something I intend to continue experimenting with because I really like the 'painterly' quality that results. I enjoyed the process of making this mermaid doll so much that I am excited about making more. This one I have named "Calysta" which means "most beautiful".

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