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Skinning the Sculpt - July 17, 2022

Today I am doing the trickiest part of the process and that is gluing a layer of a fine knit fabric over the head and bust. I've only attempted this once before with my Calysta mermaid doll. I was really hesitant to do it too because I had spent so many hours sculpting that I was afraid that I would possibly ruin it all in one fell swoop. However, I was strongly encouraged to give it a try by Sue McMahon' and I was so happy that I did. There were some very scary moments, but I have to say that it was well worth the risk because I love the "painterly" effect that it added to the doll. SO, I made up my mind to give it another try and am happy to say that it went even better than I expected - it went so well in fact that I "skinned" all 9 of the mermaid sculpts. Now the question is which one do I choose as my first project?

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