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Merane - February 3, 2023

Now that the holidays are behind us I was able to focus on some of my art projects, the main one being completion of the fourth mermaid in my Sea Maids & Sirens series.

Unlike other sirens who tend to live in deeper ocean waters, Merane prefers the underwater caves and kelp forests of the California coast. In keeping with her totem, the Northern Giant Pacific Octopus, Merane is highly intelligent and a master of camouflage, a capability which gives her the ultimate advantage in hunting for food or creating mayhem for those who may (or may not) pose a danger to her habitat . She has been known to startle unsuspecting divers with her camouflage techniques and for making mischief by tapping and poking those who venture too close or pulling at their face masks That said, one report claims that she assisted a diver who became tangled in sea kelp and was in danger of drowning. Therefore, it would seem that her antics are meant as a warning rather than anything more sinister.

Additional pictures are available on the Sea Maids & Sirens page.

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