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Lorelei - October 25, 2022

Here is the first siren in my mermaid series "Sea Maids & Sirens". Lorelei resides in the North Atlantic Ocean including the area infamously known as The Bermuda Triangle. Unlike their more docile relations the sea maids, sirens are inclined to be aggressive and territorial. They are seldom seen near coastal areas so if you do happen to encounter one, it is more likely to be in open waters. However, be warned that sirens are not interested in being your friend - rather they consider humans to be a threat to their habitat and will seek to harm you (most often by drowning). That is why keeping your distance is highly recommended. They will at first attempt to lure you nearer with their mesmerizing song so cover your ears, and whatever you do, avoid looking them in the eyes. That is where their power to entrance is strongest. Lorelei means “temptress’. Her totem is the hypnotically graceful and deadly jellyfish. Pics showing Lorelei as a work in progress and completed are posted in the Sea Maids & Sirens section of the website.

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