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So this is what I've been up to lately (besides creating articulated paper doll mermaids for my Facebook group " The Progressive Paper Doll Party").

Ever since I made my first mermaid doll "Calysta" I have been chomping at the bit to make more. I am currently in the sculpting zone making various heads and shoulder plates. This photo isn't the best for displaying because it causes some distortion at certain angles. Believe me, I have been taking great pains to ensure that the features are unique to each one and that they are well balanced at the same time. What I want to avoid is a "cookie cutter" look that seems to occur quite often in doll making. It's like you get into a particular way of doing things and just continue doing it the same way over and over until every doll essentially looks the same as the next with the only difference being the colour of the eyes and hair. To avoid falling into that, I have based each sculpt on the face of a particular person which not only presents a challenge, but has certainly made me pay close attention to what I am doing. So far, I am loving the process. Very curious to seeing how these look once they've been painted up.

So stay tuned, there will be more pics to follow in the weeks ahead.

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