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2020 Hasn't Been All Bad

First of all, let me say that I realize that 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for most everyone. This is especially so for people who have been directly impacted by Covid-19 and, in particular, those who have lost loved ones for whom words of condolence can do little to ease the pain. I pray that we get through this dark chapter soon and in the meantime, find a way to cope and support each other as best we can through kindness and understanding.

In view of the global pandemic, numerous natural disasters and the continuous onslaught of disturbing news regarding the political situation south of the 49th Parallel, I had pretty much written off 2020 as a year best forgotten. In turn, this affected my productivity on the creative front to the extent that I have spent the majority of my time gardening, reading, and playing Quiz Planet. Not that I consider these things to be a waste of time. Rather, they have become my therapy for the moment, perhaps even the break that my creative soul needed until inspiration beckons. That said, on a personal level I have to say that 2020 has not been without a couple of significant pluses.

First and foremost, my husband received a kidney transplant on August 20th after enduring 17 years of hemodialysis three to four times per week at four hours per treatment. That's a lot of time to spend hooked to a machine. The kidney was a gift we truly were not expecting after several years of repeatedly being added and then removed from the transplant eligibility list due to illness and other surgeries (3 hip replacements in the past 3 years). I am happy to report that Louis is now recuperating at home and is doing very well. Secondly, I was finally able to install a mini-exhibit of my work at a local art gallery after it was initially postponed due to Covid. The exhibit ran from July to September and offered me the opportunity to experience firsthand the working relationship between the art world and the artist. If you would like to have a peak, please wander on over to "The Spirit Woods" page on the website. Here I have posted a collage created by Linda Walsh of "Linda Walsh Originals" based on my works. To read Linda's review on her Blog, just click on the image.

Well, that's all I have to report for now. Best wishes for good health and until next time stay safe!

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