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It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Here on the prairies, there's nothing like snow and freezing temperatures to remind us that Christmas will soon be upon us (not to mention that the stores were beginning to stock Christmas decorations before Hallowe'en had passed - really, I don't know why the big push but such is the world we live in these days). So in order to put myself in the spirit of the season, I set aside my other projects to focus on making some decorative little doll ornaments to deck the halls or tree or whatever suits one's fancy. The dolls are approximately 10" long and are designed for hanging. Each one is sculpted in paper clay mounted onto a muslin body and painted in acrylics. The dolls are dressed in fine fabrics with embellishments such as French ribbon and beads. I call them "Attic Dolls" because each doll comes in her own decorative shoe box as if she has been stashed away in an attic just waiting to be rediscovered.

So here are my little Attic Dolls, (from left to right - Vivianne, Elodie, Marisol and Carys.

Attic Dolls

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