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Into the Woods

Autumn is upon us with its rich palette of colours. It truly is my favourite time of year. I decided to pay tribute to the season by making woodland creatures.

I have always done the little primitive-style cloth dolls as angels and prairie folk. This year I decided to change it up a bit by painting animal faces on them. Have to say it was nice for a change and for a first try, I am fairly happy with how they turned out.

All painting is done in acrylics.

Height: 6".

Then I thought of taking the animal theme even further by making mixed-media (clay and cloth) dolls with animal motifs. So here they are - Bunny, Foxy and Doe-dee.

The upper bodies are sculpted from paper clay and painted in acrylics. The hair is an extremely fine yarn with a consistency similar to silk roving and was very easy to work with. The cloth bodies were painted in acrylics then lace and felt were added. I quite enjoyed painting the animal scenes. I also tried to convey the nature of the animal in the facial expressions. Bunny is wide-eyed and slightly timid, Foxy is watchful and self-assured, and Doe-dee, with her large doe eyes has a gentle , yearning look. Height: 8.5" to 11".

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