Thanks Art Doll Quarterly!

I am so happy to have one of my dolls appear in the pages of Stampington & Company's fall issue of "Art Doll Quarterly". I am a huge fan of ADQ! Not only is it a premium quality publication, but it is such a great way to learn about what is currently happening in the world of art dolls. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in original and unique dolls. You can find the magazine and its sister publications at many bookstores (I purchase mine at Chapters). You may also order issues online from their website. Just click on the badge on the Bulletin Board to see what's in this issue and to also order your copy.

Back in March I answered an ADQ doll challenge with the theme of "I Am Woman". Readers were asked to create dolls modeled after women whom we admired or who had inspired us in some way. My choice was Elizabeth I, Queen of England. I am a huge history fan when it comes to the Tudors and their predecessors (the Plantagenets) so I was raring to make the doll. Several months later, I was very pleased to find that my doll, along with three others devoted to the same subject, was featured in its own article.

Making a doll of this type was quite the challenge in terms of costuming. Elizabethans dressed to excess and so I have posted a number of pictures detailing the process in a slideshow that is accessible by going to my earlier blog post - "Dressing an Elizabethan Doll" and clicking on the picture or by checking out the "In the Works" page.

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