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Dressing an Elizabethan Doll

While I was rearranging my studio over the holidays I came across some materials that I had purchased years ago with the idea of making a soft-sculpted doll from the Elizabethan period. Well, as with many projects that end up getting put to the side, the materials were in a box under a number of other boxes. When I saw them, I was re-inspired to make the doll and you are more than welcome to join me while I dress her piece by piece. Not all of the items shown will necessarily be used but these are just some of the trims that I had on hand that might work their way into the costuming.

So if you are interested in seeing what an Elizabethan woman wore back in the 1570s (or thereabouts) please stay tuned for "Dressing Elizabeth: An Elizabethan Doll Chronicle" that will be posted on my "In the Works" page over the next several weeks.

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