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Here Comes the Holidays

Wow! Where has the time gone? In just a few weeks the Holiday Season will be upon us. It still looks like mid-fall here on the Canadian prairies. While we love a white Christmas, people are enjoying the warm weather and hoping it sticks around as long as possible. So what's new with me? Well, I've been devoting most of my doll making to the workshops I will be offering next year for Artful Gathering. There will be two - one from June to mid-July and

another from September to mid-October. It's too soon to share the titles and content, but I'll be sure to post here when the time comes. I've also been busy doing up an order of the primitive cloth dolls for the holidays that are for sale through Traditions Hand Craft Gallery here in my home town (the link to the website is on my Shop page). The angel stump dolls have a Kurbits theme - have to say that I had such fun painting these little dolls. Wish I had time to make more!

The little tree trimmers are something that I make every year for the shop. This year i made gingerbread angels and quirky tree dolls. I like to change it up every year. It keeps me motivated.

Besides I like to keep people guessing. Variety is the ​​spice of life!!

The Kurbits-style stump dolls have inspired me to try my hand at making a a mixed-media stump doll with a Nordic theme. I have some new (and somewhat weird) ideas brewing. More on that later!

I also haven't forgotten about the moth dolls, but they are on the back burner at least for a while.

Now back to the studio! Ta ta for now.

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