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National Moth Week

Yup! That's right folks! National Moth Week falls on the last full week of July each year and is a time when "moth-ers" from around the world hold private or public events for the purpose of studying these little (and sometimes not so little) cousins to the butterflies. More information can be found at and at NationalMothWeek on Facebook.

In honour of the occasion, I have made a new doll inspired by one of the most beautiful moths that I have ever laid eyes on – the Iotaphora iridicolor Butler 1880. This was the moth shown in an earlier post. If you would like to see pictures of the doll please go to my site's “In the Works” section.

Iotaphora is a genus of moth in the Geometridae family. To date I have not been able to unearth much information about this particular moth, other than one source stated that it is native to Nepal, Thailand and other parts of Asia. I find the lack of information to be the case with a number of the moths that I have tried researching. If anyone out there knows more about this moth, please drop me a note in my website's "Contact" section.

Thanks and happy moth-ing!!!!

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