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Wee Winter Whimsies

Registration is open for my Wee Winter Whimsies workshop on Artful Gathering. The workshop begins July 16 and registration closes on July 30. The dolls featured in this workshop are easy to make and fun to paint and embellish! The great thing about enrolling in AG workshops is that you are given up to 6 weeks from the start date in which to complete them. The workshop consists of a series of videos that can be viewed at your convenience so you can do it at your own pace. The videos are also organized into sections so you can focus on whichever doll you are interested in making (there are two distinctive types of dolls and six designs to get you started). An added bonus is that I am on hand throughout the workshop to respond to any questions or comments and there is a class chat room where you can meet other students and share your project ideas if you so choose.

Just a note that there will be a raffle for a 'mystery doll' created by me specifically for my AG 2016 students. Those eligible to win the doll will be all students registered in both my Sessions 1 and 2 workshops. I expect the draw will take place shortly after the final day of registration.

So there you have it! To find out more click on the image.

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