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Hello and welcome to my Blog!

First of all, I would like to say how excited I am to be launching my first website and blog! Being new I expect that there will be some glitches along the way so please bear with me. l plan to post whenever I think that I have something worthwhile sharing (or when time permits - after all, life doesn't always cooperate with our best laid plans).

To begin I would like to talk about some things that I am planning right now.

First of all, I will have a new doll (possibly two) to add to my Mothologie Series in July - hopefully just in time for National Moth Week. Yes! There is in fact a week dedicated to these winged wonders and I will be posting more information about it in future.

One of the dolls will be a tribute to the amazingly beautiful moth shown below.


Yes, it is a moth. Do you know how to tell the basic difference between a moth and a butterfly? It's quite simple. A butterfly has slender club-shaped antennae and holds its wings upright when resting. Moths can have different shaped antennae but most often feathered with the male's being significantly broader than the female's and the wings are held in a flat position when resting. Of course, we all know that butterflies are seen during the daytime. Moths, on the other hand, can be nocturnal or diurnal. Some species that are active during the day are mistaken for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds! So there is a quickie lesson on distinguishing moths from butterflies. Do you feel smarter? I know I do!

Another project I am excited about is a new series of moth dolls that I am currently designing. I hope to have more to reveal about those in August.

So there you have the latest news on what's happening in my world. Thank you for spending your time here and I hope that you'll drop by again sometime. Over and out!

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