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Beltane - The Green Goddess.jpg

My appreciation for dolls has taken me on an ever evolving creative journey.  Why the appeal?  Quite simply, I have always been interested in the human form.  As a child my favorite subjects to draw were people and this continues even to this day.    

Over the years, I have made dolls ranging from the whimsical and simplistic to the more sophisticated. Each type has taught me something new and spurred me on to greater challenges.  In recent years my focus has been on paper clay combined with fabric.  The addition of sculpting has opened up new vistas in my exploration of doll making as an art form. More recently I have been making mixed-media mermaids which has given me more opportunities to hone my painting skills.   

The art doll movement has been growing in greater numbers over the years with several incredibly talented doll artists leading the way.  I hope to do my part in raising awareness of this art form.

If you would like to see where this journey takes me, I invite you to join me here  and on Facebook.

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