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Artist Statement

My appreciation for dolls has taken me on a constantly evolving creative journey.  Why the appeal?  Quite simply, I have always been interested in the human form.  As a child my favorite subjects to draw were people and this continued well into my adult life.  I have always been particularly fascinated by women and the roles they have played in both the past and the present.   

Over the years, I have made dolls ranging from the very whimsical and simplistic to the traditional and more sophisticated variety. Each type has taught me something new and spurred me on to greater challenges.  My most recent work has been with clay and fabric.  The addition of sculpting has given me the opportunity to experiment with various new and exciting technqiues.    As a result, I am now steering my work towards figurative sculpture while also entertaining the notion of making puppets - marionettes have always fascinated me and I find articulated paper dolls to be a delightful way to keep up my drawing skills.


The art doll movement has been going full strong for about a decade if not longer, but still has a distance to go in terms of recognition and acceptance by the art world.  There are many outstanding and incredibly talented doll artists who are leading the way.  It is my aim to do my part to promote awareness of this art form in my native country and beyond.

If you would like to see where this journey takes me, please stay tuned for more in the upcoming months.